Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions.

What's the difference between your products on Themeforest and Obox Themes?

The difference between the pricing is that if you purchase the theme from Themeforest then you will be able to access support on Obox for 6 months.

If however you purchase the theme from Obox then you will have access for 12 months.

Support is upgradable at any point though. If after 6 months you require more support then you can purchase more for only $29.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with your purchase. Please note that refunds can only be processed for products purchased directly from

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Do you provide hosting?

Yes we do via our Obox Instant product. It is a cloud hosting solution for your business and costs $49 per month. Obox Instant also includes free setup and configuration of your Obox theme.

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Are there limits to the amount of products I can sell using your eCommerce themes?

There are no limits to the amount of products that you can add to an eCommerce theme. Once you own a theme you are free to upload and sell as many products as you like without paying us anything extra.

What does 'access to technical support' mean?

The benefit of being an Obox customer is gaining access to our support team. Depending on the pricing option you choose you will be granted access to our team for a certain amount of time.

Our support team will be able to give you help and support on any setup issues you experience with your theme. If you purchase the Premium or Obox Instant package then our team will also assist with 'CSS' tweaks that you want to make to your theme.

How many sites can I install my theme on?

Obox Themes are licensed under GPL which means that you can install your theme on as many sites as you like without having to pay anything extra.

Do your themes work on

The themes you purchase from only work on self-hosted WordPress installations or Obox Instant. We do however have a selection of our premium themes available for separate purchase on If you have a hosted website, the themes downloaded from our site will not work on your site.

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What are layered image files?

Layered image files are the files that we used to design our themes. They are the graphical files that are created before a theme is turned into code.

These files are very useful for designers and freelancers who want to modify a design before touching any code or settings.

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